I started with Justin & Kylie in October 2015.  I started with them to get ready for my wedding in July 2016.  I knew that if I got a personal trainer I would see improvements.  However, I did not know that I would gain so much more than physical improvements.  I can’t thank Justin & Kylie enough for helping me believe in myself and become a much more confident and strong woman.  At first I just wanted to lose some weight. But I’ve learned how to do much more than that.  I’ve learned the RIGHT way to work out and learned that the scale isn’t everything; it’s the way I feel, the way my clothes fit, the inches I’ve lost, and the muscles I’ve gained.  Justin & Kylie personalize your fitness plan to fit you. They are also encouraging and push you to do your best without intimidating you.  I can now put on a bikini and feel confident in it.  I can now lift my fiancé’s weight! And I can’t wait to put on my wedding dress and wow my new husband. I thought that I only wanted to be with Justin & Kylie until my wedding date, but I can’t imagine not continuing with them after my wedding.  I can’t wait to set new goals and get stronger, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without Justin & Kylie’s Custom Fitness Training!

-Jennifer Ayotte