Justin & Kylie's gym makes working out fun and super easy! I joined in May 2017 to get in shape for my wedding. My goal was to actually build muscle and get toned. I come in the morning, so I always see Kylie. She created a customized training program for me in order to help me reach my goals. Not only did Kylie get me in good shape for my wedding, she made working out so easy and fun again. She sets everything up for me so I don't even have to think about it. She tells me what to do... and I just do it! After a few weeks, I noticed I had more energy, was stronger, and had more muscle. A close friend of mine actually asked me what I was doing differently as far as my workout routine. Since I loved seeing Kylie in the morning so much, I continued to be part of the gym even after my wedding. Kylie's energetic personality and positive outlook are both very captivating. She is not only a great trainer, but also a great person to be around. Gym sessions became therapy sessions and in 40 minutes I can not only get some energy out, but also talk about what is going on in my busy life! I am thankful I found Justin and Kylie!

~Kerrie Sullivan