"Before I had first started going to Justin and Kylie's Custom Fitness Training, I had tried many other programs and many other gyms. Nothing gave me the knowledge and results like Justin and Kylie's personal training. They taught me the most effective way to use my time in the gym. They taught me the correct form for many exercises, the right way to use the gym equipment, the proper process for gaining strength through weight training, and how to use conditioning to maximize results. My goal when joining this gym was to gain muscle and learn about fitness and Justin and Kylie's training exceeded both of my original expectations. Both Justin and Kylie are positive, supportive, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They take the time to teach exercises and fitness philosophy but also make accommodations for each individuals needs. They create a unique program for each member, customized for their goals and ability. Kylie and Justin have created a gym community full of positive energy and support. My experience with their personal training was extremely positive and would recommend them to anyone!"

~Jessica Scarfo