Rest Week

A rest week should be taken every 8-12 weeks during a consistent training program. After a training cycle it is important to take a week off of strength training to let your body recover, reduce injury, regain motivation, and relax.

Too much of a good thing can be bad for anything and training is no different. I recommend a full week off from ALL types of physical activity; however, some people like to be moderately active even on rest week.


Recovering correctly during rest week is very important. You want to come back to the gym fired up and ready to train again.

We need to make sure that we have proper nutrition during rest week. We need ample protein, fat, and carbs to refuel our body and make repairs.

Sleep is really important as well. It will be important for recovering damaged muscles and reducing stress.

Some people like to have an active rest week as well. Some activities can be really beneficial. Please note the activity must be low impact and easy: Walking, Biking, Kayaking, or swimming for no more than 20-30 minutes a FEW times.

I also recommend a lot of stretching and foam rolling. Maybe a massage if you want as well.

You know rest week was a success when you feel fired up to get back in the gym and train.

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin Kukla