Commonly mistaken for overtraining; overreaching is training too hard over a short period of time. Typically you will begin overreaching anywhere between 1-3 weeks of hard training.


Overreaching is one of the key problems for people who try too much at one time. Typically you will see this with the New Year’s crowd. They have a lot of motivation up front, overreach, & then fall off the wagon.

Side effects of overreaching are:



Lack of Motivation

Very Sore


Lack of Sleep


The best way to prevent overreaching is take your program slow and methodically. If you find yourself overreaching I would not recommend to take time off. The motivation fall off might be just enough to quit completely. I would shorten the length of your sessions temporarily and cut them back to three times a week.

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin Kukla