Standard Progression Training System

The basic training system that is applicable to over 95% of all trainees is the Standard Progression Training System. A lot of people do not like to consider themselves beginners or novices; however, I have found that most people fall in to this category. Being a novice trainee has nothing to do with how long you have been training; it has to do with your performance.

I find that nearly everyone I meet is in this category and that is not a bad thing. It just means that they will get the most benefit out of the most basic standard training system.


Simple progression will yield far better results than advanced routines. A basic program should be stuck to until a trainee stops making progress. Depending on the individual this could be anywhere between 6-12 Months.

This type of program will modify only one of two components of training: Weight & Sets.


Modifying the weight is typically done in small increments of 5. So for example the first workout I squat 100lbs than the following workout I squat 105lbs.


Modifying the reps is done in small increments as well; between 1-5 reps. I squat 100lbs for 5 reps the first workout and I squat 100lbs for 6 reps for the second workout.

Sample Program:

8 Week Program performed twice a week

Week 1

Squat 100lbs 3 sets of 5

Bench Press 75lbs 3 sets of 5

Romanian Deadlift 100lbs 3 sets of 5

Lunge 10lbs 3 sets of 5

Week 2

Squat 105lbs 3 sets of 5

Bench Press 80lbs 3 sets of 5

Romanian Deadlift 105lbs 3 sets of 5

Lunge 15lbs 3 sets of 5

Week 3

Squat 110lbs 3 sets of 5

Bench Press 85lbs 3 sets of 5

Romanian Deadlift 110lbs 3 sets of 5

Lunge 20lbs 3 sets of 5

And so on…

IMG_0328 - Copy.JPG

A program focused on getting better slowly overtime will give you much better results than anything else. It is never about what you squat today but what you squat a year from now.

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin Kukla