How to Choose the Right Workout Program For You

You hear it everyday; "the best workout program ever", you see it in line at the Grocery store "12 weeks to a Bikini Body", you see your friend post it on Facebook "Join my challenge you'll never go back!" 

But how do you weed out all the choices out there, and find the best option for YOU? 

It can be confusing, overwhelming and at times, intimidating going over all of the online workout programs, the ones mapped out in a magazine, or given at your local YMCA. Maybe you've started a few times on a fitness journey and ended up discouraged, injured, or bored with your newest phase of working out. 

So what's the key? 

The best program or workout you can do is the one you can ACTUALLY stick to. 

Not so fancy after all! But it's true. If you can't commit to a program, don't enjoy it, or can't fit it into your schedule, you're a few weeks away from starting over right back where you started. The best coaching, personal training studio, or strength train challenge group won't be worth a dime if you can't actually follow through and consistently show up, day in and day out. 

FInd what you enjoy. Like nature? Start by taking some walks outside. Maybe progress to going on hikes, or running on trails. 

Enjoy being around other people pushing themselves? Try out a group fitness class, maybe try spinning, or go to a pilates class.

Need something more zen? Search out a local yoga studio. 

Unmotivated on your own? Look up personal trainers nearby to keep you accountable to your goals and make sure you show up everyday. 

The point is, don't delay any further in living a healthy lifestyle. Get started today. Decide what you like, think you can maintain for a long period of time, and will actually enjoy doing- and do it! 

The best fitness program in the world won't work if you don't actually do it. So find something that you know you will stick to, and just get started.