Resting Between Sets

I get asked this question regularly; as it seems everyone misunderstands rest time between sets. Should you rest 30 seconds? A minute? A few minutes?

The answer is relatively simple: rest as long as you need between sets depending on how challenging the set was.

Are you finding the set to be relatively easy? Rest 30 seconds. Extremely challenging? Rest 2-3 minutes.

The rule of thumb for resting is 30seconds-5minutes based on how challenging the set is.

The reason you do not rest less than 30 seconds is because that is not really sufficient rest time or the set was far too easy.

You do not want to rest longer than 5 minutes because this is when the body will start cooling down considerably. If you get cold you will get tight and then open yourself up to a muscle pull or injury.

Understanding your bodies limitations are important. You need to listen to your body; if your body says push it then go! If it is telling you to rest than take the time to recover.

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin Kukla