Rep Ranges

The rep ranges you use at the gym are important. There is a reason why body weight exercises will never push your body to its strongest. There is just not enough intensity for the body to make changes.

Intensity is the amount of weight you are moving as a percentage of your max. So for example your max bench press is 100lbs. To work at 85% intensity you would have to bench press 85lbs.

We will keep this in mind as we talk about rep ranges.


There are 3 ranges that we typically use:


We use 15 or more reps at any intensity to build strength endurance. Basically how long your muscles can function under tension.


This is called the hypertrophy range. Using at least 65% intensity (this is important) we will be focusing on building muscle in this range. Another nice thing about this range is that we build strength endurance as well.


In this range we are going for Raw Strength using at least 65% intensity. However at these rep ranges it would be better to push the intensity up a little higher to 75-85%. The best thing about this rep range is it also builds muscle and builds strength endurance.

In conclusion if you want the best bang for your buck stay within the 1-5 rep range at least 65% intensity.


Max reps do not build max strength; but, max strength builds max reps.

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin Kukla