Drop-in Session & At-Home Training Now Available

At Justin & Kylie’s we are proud to announce two new products!

drop in.jpg

A lot of people have trouble committing to a full month of training; as a result we are now offering a single session option. The single sessions will last 60 minutes and cost a flat rate of $50.00/session. The sessions are perfect for learning the skills and tools you need to succeed with your goals.

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We are now offering training session at your own home. If you cannot make it to the gym or you like the convenience of training in your own home now you can! At-Home Training cost is $75.00/session. At-Home training sessions are perfect for people who would like to learn how to get fit without leaving the house.

Schedule you appointment today by Calling/Texting: 978-902-9064 or emailing info@jkyfitness.com

Dedicate & Succeed,

Justin & Kylie Kukla